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The coming together of believers for the purpose of worship, instruction, and edification is the physical church.  Nelson County Baptist Church is a place where its members obey the scriptural command to love one another and help bear each other’s burdens.  Together we are discovering God’s greatness and the reality of his love.  At NCBC, you will find friendly people, great music, helpful teaching, and a place for everyone in  your family to connect and grow.  Visit with us soon, and find out how God’s greatness can make a lasting difference in your life.

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The New Year

As I enter into my thirty sixth year at the church I look back into the past and am amazed at what each decade has brought. So many people and events have played a crucial role in the church and it’s accomplishments. We have seen the protective hand of God navigate us through some troubled waters and also bless us with undeserved blessings. I could not have imagined when this all came about that today we would be a debt free church with  three buildings and getting ready to build a much needed gymnasium. There have been thousands of souls saved directly and indirectly because of this ministry. Hundreds of families have been touched in a special way. The exciting part is that we are not finished. Various ministries are growing within the church and the future looks bright. We must give the Lord all of the praise, honor and glory!

May the Lord protect us from division and hardship, give grace when needed and bless all that we do. Please pray for us as we continue to serve the Master in 2017.

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